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Images don’t age or warp, so a great photographer’s strings never go out of tune. Photographers inspire us to do things which ordinarily we would be reluctant to do. Me being a photographer I love to capture beautiful moments and preserve them.

Capturing beautiful Moments

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is my main forte & I have been capturing precious moments for more than a decade now. Have a look at my wedding portfolio…

Portrait Photography

Capturing the emotions and personality of a person is what portrait photography all about. Have a look at my portrait photography portfolio…

Cultural Photography

Pakistan’s culture is very diverse and capturing that culture and saving its memories is my hobby. Have a look at my cultural photography.

Landscape Photography

Pakistan is blessed with all sorts of sceneries and landscapes, from tremendous mountains to vast plains, have a look at my landscape photography.

Tourism Photography:

Having a record of touring whole Pakistan with my family on bike, have a look at my tourism journey which cover beautiful Pakistan.

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Saad Khurram

Irfan bhai and his team is really hard working and skilful, they made sure to capture really good natural moments in the pictures. We are very happy with his work and definitely recommend it to future couples! Another thing that I’d like to add is that makes Irfan bhai out-stand, is that he is very decent, patient and friendly!

Ali Ahtsham Rajput

What a great photographer and a great human being. Masha’Allah. Had a great time meeting him and making a new friend

Mohammad ShahRoz

He can be a perfect person for your wedding coverage, he has seen heaven already and know where happiness and beauty is hidden

Kamal Haider

I am quite satisfied about a project done by irfan Younas by an excellent frame of work, calm environment and a different school of thought. The key point which make him different is timely delivery of required work.

Kausar Wali

Irfan is really Best if work with his heart which is only possible if someone give him free hand.

Sharoon Bhatti

Excellent Work. Always trying to Copy your Shoot. But can’t do It. But God Bless you and Your Work is Awesome. Undesirable

Naila Iram

No one can beat his photography. He is the master of capturing the best moments.

Adeel Rana

Great Work….Art Irfan Younas is a great Photographer I love every Single Shoot…

Mirza Zaheer

Very nice nature person we leave everything on him he did his job by heart, amazing photographes �

Ali Waqas

He covered 2 wedding ceremonies of my family and we all are quite satisfied and happy when ever see albums and videos. Wish very best luck Irfan

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